Most gyms do not offer you the kind of personalized experience that drives you to achieve your goals. This causes demotivation, unnecessary waste of time and waste of money. On the contrary, in The Shredquarters from the first moment, your doubts and concerns will disappear as soon as you check the effectiveness of our training sessions designed specifically to meet your needs and, most importantly, you will have the commitment and experience of our personal trainers.

Our gym in reading credibility is based on the testimonies of our clients who, over time, are now part of a very special community based on the values of effort, camaraderie, and enthusiasm to overcome the limits. At The Shredquarters you will never feel isolated because our strength lies in detecting what you need to improve your physical condition, the type of exercises you need to achieve and then how you can maintain that level of excellence throughout your life.

Today everyone is looking not only to look good but to feel in good shape to face the challenges of each day. So it does not matter what your goal is: put your bikini on your next trip to the beach, impress that girl you met recently or just follow the recommendations made by your doctor. We specialize in designing fitness plans adapted to each type of person, always under the watchful eye of our personal trainers.

In our reading gym, you have at your disposal high-tech equipment, in an exclusive environment, only for four hundred associates. We do not offer magic solutions but, in a reasonable time, we guarantee that you will achieve the ideal weight and you will be able to tone up your muscles with more than satisfactory results. Our membership will give you unlimited access to thirty weekly classes. We invite you to accept our famous challenge of the eight weeks, during which you will strengthen your muscles and you will disappear that unwanted weight. You can find our gym in Tilehurst. Join us!