Mistakes to avoid when using GIFs

The biggest mistake most people make when using GIFs is to use them casually. Using a GIF casually is the same as reciting a movie quote. When you use the perfect animated GIF in the right way, this tends to be more entertaining. For example, wishing somebody happy birthday in german using the perfect GIF can make the person excited. But when you get too meme with the GIF, it destroys the whole concept of GIFs and their relevance in communication. Most people use GIFs for clips from TV shows, memes and for movie quotes. While this is ideal, there are many more ways of using GIFs for entertainment purposes.

Although humorous GIFs boost engagement especially when used in the right way on social media, these animated images can also be used in different ways to show your creative side. You can use a GIF to create demos, laugh at a friend’s joke on social media, play ads or animate data. Of course, you will have to use different types of GIFs for each occasion. If you want to wish somebody a happy birthday, then a happy birthday gif will do just fine. You can basically download GIFs from hundreds of sites and share them online. But make sure that each GIF you share is not too casual.
Alternatively, consider creating your own GIFs. Creating your own GIFs is fun. This is because you will be able to capture a great moment, which other people will react to for a long time. When creating your GIF with the words happy birthday in german, for example, make the GIF simple. Secondly, skip overdoing it in favour of something funny. Place each text or image in the right corners so that the GIF can look more relevant and simple. This will make the person receiving the birthday GIF to respond favourably by appreciating your message.