Patriot Power Green – Quick, Delicious, and Unbelievably Nutritious!

Nearly everyone can reap the benefits of extra leafy greens in their diet. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals which help keep your body functioning optimally. The problem is that most people do not enjoy eating greens plain. They wind up drowning their leafy greens in salad dressings to make them more attractive. This adds a surplus of fat and carbs, which the majority of us do not require. Fortunately there’s a tasty way to eat your leafy greens without the additional fat and calories – that the green smoothie. They’re in essence a “liquid salad”. By drinking a patriot power greens smoothie regular, you may easily get your daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, in addition to a plethora of health benefits.

The fundamental patriot power greens smoothie is composed of 2-4 cups of greens and 2-3 servings of fruit. You may easily accommodate your green smoothie recipes to your preferences, or anything is on your fridge. The trick to a well-blended smoothie would be to combine your greens first. Initially, you might wish to opt for spinach or romaine lettuce, because these are mild-tasting. You won’t be able to taste them once you put in the fruit. As soon as you’re drinking green smoothies awhile, you might want to experiment with different greens as well as sprouts.
To start, you will first wish to put about 2 cups of liquid in the blender. For the first liquid, you may use water, kefir, juice, milk, or lean yogurt. Water is a good choice if you’re following a vegetarian diet. Employing low-fat yogurt or kefir since the liquid may be a great-tasting approach to add probiotics into your diet. Following the liquid, then fill the blender together with your freshly dried greens. Blend on high until all of the greens have been liquefied. Mixing your greens first can help to ensure a smoother feel, even when you’re using a much less costly blender.
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