The ways to hack a Facebook account

The ways to hack a Facebook account

There are always multiple avenues to complete a specified task. This is because there are alternate ways of viewing a problem or an issue and thus more than one approaches to a solution. For instance there are different routes to reach your office, different ways to color a painting, well you get our point.

The fact remains that this multiple solution philosophy extends to every avenue of human activity. Whether it is art or engineering, there are multiple solutions. And even in the world of hacking there are multiple paths to success. Not surprisingly there are multiple ways to hack a Facebook account.

The ways

One of the primary ways to get inside the facebook account is the brute force method. This method as the name implies, relies on a simple task that is done on a repetitive basis at high speed to achieve the desired result.
Here all short passwords that could be the password of the account are sampled by the program or the hacker until they reach the appropriate password. Now of course normally facebook would block the account after three false trials for further verification.

But these hackers exploit certain sections in the code of the site to sample many passwords at blistering speeds. This is helped by the fact that most facebook users have short passwords so that it easy to remember.

Also many have passwords which are related to their username in some way. Thus hackers can easily shortlist the possible passwords and ask the program to sample all of them. This is the most common way to hack a facebook account, and most of the programs that are sold online rely on this technique.

Then there is the method of password cracking where the hackers can get access to the passwords that are either stored in the system or are transmitted by the system for communication. This is done by recovering the data from the system and then filtering it to recover the passwords.

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