Why the Calore’s Fireplaces are Vanguard?

Calore, the main distributor, and importer of Fireplaces Cape Town South Africa have an as main mission to promote the manufacture of its products in the care of the environment and ensure that CO2 emissions are generated in the least.

In the current era the needs of the consumer make the products of industrial manufacturing are in constant evolution, Calore ensures to keep their designers and architects trained in the latest trends that are emerging from the market, this leads to a wide range of products, represents adaptability in the manufacture, the use of diverse types of materials, that the fireplaces for sale are manufactured on the last tendencies and needs of the consumer.
Our currently works on designs that protect and harm the environment in the least, their designs are more efficient and the consumption as well as being minor is effective and durable, Calore’s protection approach led to the point where our products are entering renewable energy market and the use of solar energy.
Currently, we work with the design of Pellet Fireplaces, this product is characterized by working with minimal pollution fuel, as is the Pellet, which is a biomass made from waste trees and not necessarily from the felling of them, this Biomass is just as effective as solid wood logs. Our range of designs of Pellet Fireplaces includes the adaptable fireplaces, portable fireplaces, drawer’s fireplaces. Calore is the first distributor of these Fireplaces in South Africa.
Our mission is always to meet the needs of our customers by offering the best adaptable products for your home and with the quality that your family deserves.
We are committed to the South African market, we bring you latest technologies, cutting-edge designs, durability and education in environmental policies. Calore will be one of the guarantors of environmental education in the population in South Africa.